According to European Commission, “over 1.4 million students from around the world came to Europe in 2012 for their higher education” and the number has been growing ever since. The quality of education, wide variety of study programs, relatively low tuition fees and cultural diversity are among the well-known attractions of studying in Europe. What is not so commonly known is that there are actually many study programs taught solely in English across Europe (Read more).

Given the variety of options, the main difficulty for students and their families is to find an academic institution and a study program which fits their needs and future plans in the best way. Education Mobility Grid (EMG) consults students and families in this challenging, decision-making process by helping them  to choose the most appropriate academic and professional path for their future careers. EMG focuses on studying in Germany and the Netherlands.

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EMG counseling services are designed according to the principle that ‘every student is unique’. Indeed, at the initial phase of the counseling services, an extensive needs analysis is performed by a respective EMG consultant, in order to understand specific strengths, needs, plans and wishes of each individual student. The goal is to find an academic institution and a study program which not only has good reputation, but also the ‘best match’, where a student can achieve his/her full academic and personal potential.

Taking into consideration a wide range of different needs that students and families may have, EMG offers various counseling packages ranging from basic advice on university inquiries to more complex consultation including cultural and pre-departure orientation (See the brochure).

You want to study abroad but are not sure which direction to take? You are struggling with finding the right academic institution in order to invest in your child’s future career? Contact EMG to meet its experienced, international team and discuss your individual options!

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